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What is Momentum Physical Therapy up to...?

Physical Therapy in Gillette, WY

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Physical Therpay in Gillette, WY



Do you know someone that we can help?  Free movie tickets on us as a thank you for referring your friends and family!

Physical Therapy in Gillette, WY



PAIN? Ain't nobody got time for that!  Don't wait... call now for your free consultation with the physical therapist to start getting rid of your pain today!

Physical Therapy in Gillette, WY

"Kayla, I appreciate you for all your hard work, smiles and humor as you helped me get up and going again! I have to say it's been my pleasure to have worked with you for what to me was a devastating injury!" - Jackie E.


"Kayla, Jamie and the team are the best! They are very personable and extremely knowledgeable about PT!         I highly recommend them for all your PT needs!" -Christina U.



"Jamie is great with my daughter! I have tried everything to help her but Jamie has made a break through in her sensory issues!" -Lucy's Mom



"My world was spinning with vertigo.  I went to see Kayla and she was able to get rid of my dizziness and better my balance so I no longer feel like I need the cane to walk anymore! Thanks Kayla!" -Paul C.



"I was training for a marathon and ended up with plantar fascitis, Kayla did ASTYM with me and in a couple sessions I was able to continue running without pain in my feet!" -Barret K.


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