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At some point in your life, you have probably experienced some kind of back pain.  There are many things that can cause back pain such as overuse, strain, surgery, work/recreational injury, etc. Back pain can come along just from bending, sitting, twisting, and lifting improperly! You can have an acute injury or pain that has been going on for less than 3 months, a recurrent injury that goes away and then comes back again, or it could be chronic back pain, which is pain that has been going on for more than 3 months.


Physical therapy can help you resolve your back pain by improving and restoring your mobility and reducing your pain so you are able to return to your prior level of function. If you are having back pain right now, it is best to stay active, more than one day of bed rest can slow down your recovery.  If pain lasts for more than a few days or gets worse you need to go to your doctor or seek physical therapy. Physical therapy treatments may include: manual therapy to improve joints and soft tissues, specific strengthening and flexibility exercises, education on how to take care of your back better, training for proper body mechanics and sleeping postures, use of modalities to relieve pain, and improve your overall health.


Come check out YOGA FOR BACK PAIN! It’s your first step in the right direction in relieving your pain! We will teach you exercises to improve your core stability, breathing, posture, strengthening, and flexibility of lower extremities/spinal muscles!

FREE! RSVP by the Friday prior...Every Monday night in

February at 7pm

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